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Canmake Eyelashes
Canmake Eyelashes
Product Code: LBEUT009300
Eyelashes - easier than mascara to create beauty. With eyeliner effect, for clear and gorgeous eyes!



Canmake Eyelashes Canmake Eyelashes Canmake Eyelashes
01 Volume Long Crossing Type
  • Sheer emphasis! For the fluttery eyelashes of a peacock!

02 Natural Volume Crossing Type
  • Fill in gaps in your natural lashes! Easy to apply, for natural volume.

03 Corner Eye Volume Crossing Type
  • Impact on the outer corners of your eyes! For a seductive glance.

04 Long Lash Bundle Straight Type
  • Add an accent from over the pupil of your eye to the outer edge! For people who want a long, sexy look.

05 Natural Long Straight Type
  • Easy for anyone to use! For a natural length.

06 Outer Eye Accent Crossing Type
  • Only for the outer corners of your eye! As an increased layer of volume for your eye lashes.

07 Lower Lush Volume Crossing Type
  • For lower lashes that look even longer at the outer corners of your eyes.

08 Cross type for gorgeous volume in your lower lashes
  • For lower lashes that give your eyes a cute, downward-slanting effect.

09 Straight and cross type for gorgeous doll-like volume
  • These get longer towards the outer corner of your eye! For eyelashes that you can flutter like a doll!

10 Cross type with volume at the outer corner of your eyes
  • for gorgeous curls! For sexy eyes that look long and narrow with extra curl.

11 Straight and cross type
  • with volume in the middle to make your pupils look bigger - Makes your pupils look big and round, for cute eyes.

12 Straight type
  • For long, curled lashes at the outer edges of your eyes - Only for the outer corners of your eyes! For celebrity-class glamour, brimming with elegance.

13 Straight type
  • For lower lashes as long as a doll - For lower lashes that give your eyes a big, round look.

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